Specialist Services

Powder Coating


At VPK we specialise in providing a powder coating furniture service for our clients. We have the best possible pre treatment and coating systems in place, these include advanced autowash booths, powder coating spraying booths and curing ovens which enables us to powder coat our client’s furniture to the highest standards and to their requirements.

Vacuum Forming


VPK have the latest in multifunctional vacuum presses to provide clients with a 3D foil lamination woodworking service. Our heated vacuum presses are versatile and equipped with powerful heating hoods and have been specifically designed to vacuum form solid surfaces, complicated 3D shapes with tight radiuses, industrial applications and specific furniture items. With these advanced technologies and becoming approved fabricators of HI-MACS Corian it enables us to provide our clients with an extensive selection of options for their kitchens, bathrooms and reception desk furniture

Robotic Spraying


At the heart of VPK’s furniture finishing line is the latest robotic technology spraying machines. Our sprayers and booths are equipped with a high-precession photodiode reading barriers for scanning incoming workpieces. Precise scanning of workpieces' size and the processing of their position by the control software allows spraying to be optimised, minimising paint waste and improving on efficiency allowing us to take on bigger jobs for our clients.

Spraying Booths

Robotic Spraying Booth